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Hello, pleased to meet you. We are TGS lime tree, a group of experts specialized in tax and legal services and member of TGS Global. From the heart of Amsterdam, we provide advisory services to small- and medium-sized companies that wish to set foot or expand in Europe or the Netherlands. Always personal, tailored and accurate.

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Our tax and legal services

Save time, reduce risks and grow your business

Besides saving time and money, outsourcing your tax and legal matters to a team of tax consultants reduces the risks of making costly mistakes. Our overarching solutions include, but are not limited to the following.

  • Corporate Tax

    As a (foreign) business owner in the Netherlands, outsourcing your corporate tax related matters saves you a fair amount of time and eliminates the risks of making costly mistakes. Go for certainty and let us advice you.

  • VAT Services

    Everyone conducting a business has to deal with VAT. There are a lot of rules and regulations, and thus interpreting everything correctly can be quite difficult. Our broad experience in the field of Dutch and EU VAT helps you go further. In no-time.

  • Tax Compliance Services

    Being able to meet all of the (Dutch) tax compliance obligations requires a lot of knowledge of the applicable Dutch tax legislation, as well as developed accounting skills. Our tax compliance services reduce your risks to an absolute minimum.

  • Expat Solutions

    Applying for the 30% ruling, requesting necessary work permits or providing detailed information on (negotiating) Dutch employment contracts with (future) employees. Our expat solutions help grow your business and keep your foreign employees happy.

Utilize the knowledge of a worldwide network

Because partnerships go beyond borders.


Our Tax and VAT experts are ready to be of service

Each field comes with its own difficulties, deviations and required knowledge, and thus needs specialized experts who don’t overlook anything. Every member of our experienced team merely focuses on what they’re best at. Tax consulting at its finest. Well met.

  • Jeroen van der Linden

    Tax Partner

  • Johan Felius

    Tax Director

  • Paul Hulshof

    Tax Director

  • Ingeborg Ahlers

    Senior Legal Manager

  • Lars Lommen

    Senior Tax Manager

  • Gerard Brand

    Senior VAT Manager

  • Marcel de Jong

    Tax Compliance Officer

Experience makes quality

Working with TGS means certainty

Nearly every matter or issue in the field of finance, tax and legal belongs to our daily activities. It’s integrated in our day-to-day routine, which results in a broad know-how of helping (foreign) entrepreneurs set-up, maintain or expand their business(es) in the Netherlands.

We know the ins and outs of all tax-related Dutch laws and regulations. The outcome is an extreme certainty in quality. For whatever service you need. Whether it’s tax accounting, optimizing debt finance, advisory in the field of your tax filings or something completely different. Our experienced team of tax and legal professionals get the job done.

Personal, tailored and accurate

Every client is different. Just like every assignment differs from the one before. That’s why we don’t work from one particular formula. On the contrary; for each client or assignment, we design a tailor-made solution that perfectly suits your situation. Whether it comes to (corporate) tax, VAT, compliance or expat related matters. Our Netherlands-based tax consultants are here to help you out.

Always personal, always tailored, always accurate.

Proud member of TGS Global

We aren’t the only TGS establishment in the world. TGS lime tree is a member of TGS Global, which means that we can rely and bulld on the knowledge of 69 members in 57 countries, spread over 225 hubs worldwide. Our global partnership results in a worldwide network of professionals in many, many fields.

Did you partner up with our office in Amsterdam, but are you in need of a service somewhere else in the world? The perfect solution is just one phone call away. TGS Global exists out of a dynamic team of professionals with expertise in advisory, audit, law and accounting.

Say goodbye to a confusing string of incoherent partners, say hello to one trustworthy partner established all over the globe.

Frequently asked questions

Where are you established?

TGS lime tree is based in Amsterdam, but serving clients from all over the globe. Our address is Sarphatistraat 370, 1018 GW Amsterdam.

Are you a recognized tax advisory firm?

Yes, TGS lime tree is a tax and legal firm recognized by the Dutch Association of Tax Advisors (in Dutch: de Nederlandse Orde van Belastingadviseurs or NOB).

What kind of companies do you assist?

Our tax and legal services are available by all sorts of companies. We are happy to help small- and medium-sized multinationals.

What are the costs of your services?

Most of our services are charged on the basis of hourly rates. Our current fee structure varies between € 145 for junior staff and € 320 for partner and director staff. Please note that all amounts mentioned are excluding Dutch VAT.

Does TGS lime tree outsource its Dutch tax returns?

No. Some competitors outsource their Dutch tax returns to India, or rely solely on their accounting software. At TGS lime tree, all tax returns are prepared handmade -bespoke- in the Netherlands, using state of the art software.

Is TGS lime tree able to help me anywhere in the world?

Yes. We can assist you almost everywhere in Europe, and beyond. We don’t think in borders, we think in solutions.

Get in touch with our tax and legal experts

Whether you already know what service you need or still have questions about how we can be of service; we’d love to hear from you. Find out if we can assist you with your issue(s). Give us a call, send an email or fill in the form below.


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